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This guide is the only comprehensive guide currently covering accredited Public and Private Schools, Colleges and Universities and other educational facilities for several major metropolitan areas in the United States.


The Guides include:

  • Public school grades and test scores - complete results organized by grade level, county and schools.
  • Vital information and statistics on each county school system in the region including an superintendents message, school calendars, addresses and phone numbers, magnet school and career academies choices, facts about the district, achievements and awards and distinctions.
  • Private School listings with vital information based upon our 180 point comprehensive questionnaire including tuition, teacher-student ratio religious programs and tests administered.
  • Packed with additional information including endorsed letter from the Governor, local pre schools, Charter schools, special need schools virtual schools, area colleges & universities listings, State enrollment requirements, high school graduation requirements, new education statewide legislation updates, state scholarship information and many more informative education articles.
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